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DevGreen's Energy Management team provides clients with a full range of profitable, innovative, and customized solutions that reduce energy consumptions and costs and reduce carbon footprint, thus help overcoming escalating energy costs. We help them manage and succeed in improving their operations and profitability in a sustainable way. Through scientific energy audits, DevGreen identifies cost-effective technologies/ approaches and designs strategic energy saving plans to reduce energy consumption and costs and thereby reduce energy intensity significantly. Be it energy-efficient technologies for utilities such as refrigeration, chillers, pumps, air compressors, blowers/ fans, furnaces, boilers, or the best operating practices, our energy saving solutions are innovative, profitable, and customized to your needs and operations.

The starting point is conducting energy audit of the facilities by DevGreen team. It is a systematic step-by-step scientific approach to assess efficiencies, losses, and costs. DevGreen possesses state-of-the-art energy audit instruments that can measure and monitor performance of boilers, furnaces, pumps, fans, cooling towers, chillers, motors, and air compressors. We will work with you through an interactive process and make it a team effort of DevGreen and your company while arriving at the potential energy saving measures that will save your money, resources and reduce carbon footprint. The Energy Management team at DevGreen has the requisite expertise to conduct quality energy audits in diverse industrial sectors, namely, cement, pulp & paper, textiles, iron & steel, fertilizers, thermal power plants, sponge iron, sugar, petrochemicals, auto component, foundry, forging, general engineering, rubber, chemicals, dyes & intermediates, bulk drugs, pharmaceuticals, and food processing

In order to sustain the energy management efforts in a building or an industry, it is vital to build the capacity of the facility managers and operators to track, implement, and monitor energy saving measures on a regular basis. Keeping this in view, DevGreen combines energy audits with customized training and capacity building programs to facility operators.

In addition to energy saving solutions, DevGreen offers customized energy management system (EMS) solutions, which comprises of comprehensive software and hardware package for the collection, management, reporting and analysis of energy data – giving you a complete picture of your facility's energy performance. Our EMS solutions consist of a robust data management system to automate your energy data recording, monitor and establish energy consumption baselines for you to set benchmarks and meet your energy efficiency and sustainability goals.

The Perform, Achieve Trade (PAT) scheme is one of the initiatives under NMEEE (National Mission on Enhanced Energy Efficiency) of Government of India and is a market based mechanism having the objective to enhance energy efficiency (target based) in the country with an option to trade the additional energy savings in the form of energy saving certificates. BEE is implementing this scheme in 8 industrial sub-sectors (thermal power plants, aluminum, pulp & paper, chlor-alkali, cement, iron & steel, textile, and fertilizer). DevGreen is well placed to provide technical services such as baseline energy audits, detailed energy audits, technical studies, identification of energy saving schemes for implementation to achieve/ exceed targets, monitoring and evaluation, and training and capacity building of Designated Consumers.

Our Energy Management experts can provide the following services:

  • Energy auditing (electrical, thermal)
  • Bankable detailed project reports (DPRs)
  • Techno-economic feasibility studies/ pre-feasibility studies
  • Technical assistance for implementation of EE schemes
  • Feasibility of cogeneration, detailed project reports, and implementation assistance
  • Feasibility of renewable energy technologies (biomass combustion, biogas, gasification, solar thermal, roof top) for industrial/ commercial sectors
  • Feasibility of waste heat recovery projects including low grade heat recovery
  • Design of Energy Management Systems (EMS)
  • Market assessment studies
  • Demand side management (DSM) studies
  • Monitoring & evaluation
  • Energy benchmarking studies
  • PAT scheme services for Designated Consumers (technical services, training, monitoring & evaluation)
  • Training and capacity building of stakeholders (industry, buildings, financial institutions, governments, vendors, promoters)
  • Information dissemination and Outreach through seminars, thematic workshops, awareness campaigns, and publications
  • Energy policy studies and advocacy
  • Energy sectoral studies, Research studies
  • Cross sectoral, nexus studies (energy-water, energy-food, energy-environment, energy-gender)

The targeted sectors of DevGreen for stimulating energy efficiency improvements are:

  • Large & energy intensive industries, designated consumers
  • Micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs)
  • Commercial entities (hotels, hospitals, corporate buildings, malls, restaurants, retailers, service providers)
  • Transport
  • Utilities
  • Telecommunications
  • Municipalities
  • Urban/ Cities
  • Agriculture
  • Communities

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