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Environmental concerns associated with industrial processes are on the rise. The conventional end-of-pipe pollution control in small and medium scale units is capital intensive and the annualized operational costs are also high. In this context, pollution prevention/ waste minimization assumes significance. Cleaner production is defined as any action that reduces or eliminates the creation of pollutants or waste at the source, which may occur due to inefficiencies in the manufacturing processes, operational practices, improperly designed or utilized equipment. Pollution prevention can provide a number of significant benefits to industry. Cleaner Production is the continuous application of an integrated preventive environmental strategy to processes, products, and services to increase overall efficiency, and reduce risks to humans and the environment; it describes a preventative approach to environmental management. Cleaner Production focuses on minimizing resource use and avoiding the creation of pollutants, rather than trying to manage pollutants after they have been created. It reduces operating costs, improves profitability, worker safety and reduces the environmental impact of businesses.

Recognizing the benefits of Cleaner Production/ Waste Minimization approach, DevGreen provides the following services to industries:

  • Cleaner production/ waste minimization studies and advisory
  • Technical support for implementation of CP/WM measures
  • Monitoring and evaluation of implemented projects
  • Training and capacity building of industry personnel
  • Waste minimization circles

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